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9 Natural Solutions for a Healthier 2019

Most people don’t visit a doctor or even a chiropractor unless they are experiencing discomfort or pain. What you’re about to discover is that there are natural ways to keep your body feeling great and working at its best all throughout the year! We’ve put together this list of natural health techniques that we use at Gelband Natural Health that support overall health, wellness and the body’s function. We describe what each technique is, how it is used and how each technique supports overall health and wellness.

Here’s our list of 9 natural solutions for a healthier 2019:

1. Detoxification Circuit

When we talk about detoxification, we’re not referring to some fad diet. Instead, we use detoxification to rid the body of toxins and chemical build-up. Did you know that there are more than 77,000 chemicals found in our air, water and food supply? These chemicals can remain in our bodies for years, which interferes with regular function and creates disease.

Studies have shown that most of us have between 400 – 800 chemical residues stored within the fat cells of our bodies. The stored residues create symptoms such as allergies, acne, anxiety, brain fog, chronic fatigue, depression, eczema, frequent colds or flu, insomnia, memory loss, mood swings, muscle and joint pains and poor concentration.

Gelband Natural Health utilizes a 3-step technique known as “the circuit”, that breaks down the internal obstacles to detoxification and allows the body to more efficiently and naturally remove these toxins. After the process is complete, it restores balance to the body and leaves our patients feeling the benefits!

2. Applied Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a very interesting natural health technique, and some may have to see it to believe its true benefits. Applied kinesiology (AK) is a technique that uses the muscle system to determine the function of the body. One of the basic tenets of AK is that specific muscles relate to specific organs and glands in the body. Using this technique allows us to pinpoint weaknesses in certain muscles. Muscle weaknesses direct us to the malfunction of an associated organ or gland, which leads to the source of a problem that would otherwise be missed.

There are many relationships throughout the body that an Applied Kinesiologist is trained to address. Applied kinesiology is most simply a medium for communication between a doctor and patient. It relies on energy and the energetic level where true healing occurs.

3. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is well known as a natural solution for those experiencing neck pain, back pain, migraines and headaches. Did you know that chiropractic care can also be used as a preventative technique against these issues and many others? While Gelband Natural Health utilizes chiropractic care to reduce and resolve certain pains, we have a unique approach. We believe in using a combination of chiropractic care with other natural health techniques to help our patients achieve an optimal level of health.

We believe that chiropractic has its place in the array of natural health techniques. However, by combining treatment types, we are more successfully able to find the source of a symptom and resolve the underlying problem naturally. This leads to better overall health for our clients.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a natural health technique and form of treatment that involves the insertion of thin needles through a person’s skin at specific points in the body. The focus of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of energy in the body. From its inception more than 2,500 years ago acupuncture has been used to traditionally prevent, diagnose and treat disease as well as to improve general health.

General acupuncture is well known for being effective at resolving pain, but did you know it is also beneficial for:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Depression, PTSD & Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Substance Abuse & Addictions
  • Reducing Fatigue
  • Chronic Issues
  • Balancing Chi (Life Energy)
  • And More!

5. Massage Therapy

While massages can be used for the occasional pamper, they are also an integral part of overall wellness. Massage therapy offers many health benefits. This technique is well known to provide relaxation, but it will also reduce pain and inflammation in the muscles and tendons. Massage can also hasten the recovery from strenuous workouts or injury.

6. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy (or physical therapy) includes non-invasive rehabilitative exercises to help patients recover from injury without medication or surgery. This therapy aims to reduce pain in the muscular or skeletal system by strengthening certain muscles. Physical therapy and rehabilitation services reduce pain, improve balance and strengthen the body, aiding in injury recovery and improving overall health.

7. Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a healing therapy that uses low level lasers to affect the cellular energy of underlying tissues for repair. Studies show that low level laser therapy, or cold lasers, help to make more energy available for the processes in the body and allow for more efficient healing.

Cold lasers have successfully been used for acute and chronic pain reduction, soft tissues strains and sprains, inflammation reduction, enhanced tissue wound healing and more! They can also be used to stimulate energy systems throughout the body.

8. Nutrition & Supplements

Staying healthy by maintaining a diet of nutrient-dense food is the best way to succeed in terms of reducing weight, increasing energy or solving numerous different health issues. Gelband Natural Health offers a service called nutritional counseling, which helps to guide our clients towards the nutritional elements and foods that their body needs to achieve their specific goal.

Nutritional counseling can be different for each person and every session is customized to the individual. Each session could cover foods to avoid, foods or food groups to focus on or lifestyle modifications. Sometimes the sessions will include recommendations for short-term cleanses, purifications, or detoxifications.

While achieving a balanced diet is the primary goal, there are times when we use supplements to achieve a specific effect on the body. Supplements are used when the desired effect would not occur from consuming food directly or when they will quicken the desired result. 

9. Chakra Balancing

Chakra balancing is the process through which the energy of the chakras is brought to a well-functioning and harmonious state. This includes balancing the 7 main energy centers of the body to restore mental and emotional stability. Each chakra is a part of a system that functions as a whole. It is important to consider each chakra in relation to the neighboring energy centers and the energy through the entire system.

Stresses that are placed on us by the demands of life can result in chakra imbalances. These imbalances refer to fluctuations or interruptions in our energy flow. The purpose of chakra balancing is to support a balanced flow that will sustain our overall level of energy. Balancing chakras establishes a consistent flow of energy where there is not enough, regulates energy where there is too much and aligns where there is displacement of energy.

Natural health techniques can be used to find the source of pain and other symptoms, treat the cause of these symptoms, treat and prevent injury, and help clients to achieve an optimal level of health. Gelband Natural Health offers many different natural health services to keep our clients feeling their best all throughout the year. To learn more about the our natural health services, the techniques we use or how they may benefit you, please call our office at 630-505-4040 or use the form on this page to send us a message.

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