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Dr. Gelband’s Philosophy

The ability to establish and maintain your health into your nineties or even older is never an accident. There is no random activity in the body. The body acts and reacts in a clearly defined manner and the body never lies. It is simply necessary to interpret the body’s language in order to remove the obstacles to healing.

We are constantly exposed to antagonistic elements, both physical and emotional, often resulting in an imbalance causing one or more systems in the body to malfunction. My philosophy is to identify the process causing the imbalance and correct it. There are four major areas of the body that need to be addressed: structure, emotions, biochemistry and energy (the energetic systems, ie. acupuncture meridians and chakras).

I remind my patients frequently that “doctors don’t heal the body; the body heals itself as long as there are no obstacles to healing. It is my job to break down these obstacles so that the body can mend itself unimpeded. The power that created us is the power that heals us.” I am inspired daily as I consider the infinite possibilities in healthcare yet to be tapped into. I feel there is no single way to get someone well – no one right approach to achieving optimal health.

In addition to chiropractic manipulation, I use a technique called applied kinesiology (AK) that uses the muscle system to determine function. Color and sound therapies, cold lasers and more combined with prescribing custom homeopathics and nutritionals help to better assist each of my patients in reaching an improved quality of life.

The motto I’ve adopted is “the difficult is achieved easily – the impossible takes a little longer.” I look forward to helping you realize your true potential.

Yours in good health,
Dr. Richard Gelband

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