Chiropractic Care

About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts which is concerned with the structure of the body and its relationship to the central nervous system (CNS) and muscle system. It was developed by D.D. Palmer in 1895 and is the leading healthcare discipline in alternative medicine today. Though the focus is the spinal column, the chiropractor also treats other joints of the body.

The spinal column is the “switchboard”, or communication center, for the CNS. Minor misalignments of the vertebrae of the spine are called “subluxations” and create interference. This interference affects the function of tissues, organs and cells.

The chiropractor’s job is to locate these subluxations and eliminate them. This is achieved by specific spinal manipulations which are called adjustments. These adjustments realign the vertebrae so that transmission through the CNS travels unimpeded.

This results in the return of optimal health.

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