Massage Therapy

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Everyone is familiar with the occasional tight muscle, but when that tightness doesn’t go away on its own just “dealing with it” can cause problems elsewhere. Massage therapy offers many health benefits especially when it is superscribed with;  Chiropractic Adjustments, Physical Therapy and Applied Kinesiology. The combination of these treatments produces greater benefits than the individual services alone. Therefore, your results are typically more noticeable over a shorter time frame. Plus, a professional massage therapist does wonders for your mental state as well. You’ll come out feeling more relaxed and in less pain than you thought possible from your visit.

Massage Therapy is well known to provide relaxation, but a lesser known effect is that reduces pain and inflammation in the muscles and tendons. Massage can also hasten the recovery from strenuous workouts or injury. Massages aren’t just meant for spas or a sporadic pamper; they are an integral part of whole body wellness.  Massage has been shown to help speed up healing and has side-effects ranging from a more positive attitude, to lower stress levels. 

Our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained in the some of the most advanced techniques to release trigger points, break up fascial adhesions, remodel fibrous tissue, and drain lymphoedema. Experience the difference now, schedule an appointment with one of our Massage Therapists today!

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