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Physical Therapy

Effective Rehabilitation Physical Therapy 

Pain in the muscular or skeletal system is often due to an imbalance or weakness in certain muscles.  At Gelband Natural Health, we offer a variety of physical therapy and rehab services to directly help:

    • Reduce Pain

    • Strengthen the Body   

    • Improve Balance

Our techniques have long lasting, proven effects to battle against pain and injury, and improve overall health. We have a creative approach and are continually learning the newest physical therapy treatment methods to give us the best chance at crating dramatic improvements to your ailments.

Physical therapy relies on having attentive and caring staff to oversee your recovery. Our team at Gelband Natural Health is trained in a variety of different methods of treatment, and we will work with you to determine what works best. Our goal is to restore your quality of life by reducing pain, improving mobility, and reestablish diminished functionality.

Our team will thoroughly examine you to determine what type of physical therapy will benefit you the most. If you have chronic pain or suffer from an existing injury, the specialists at Gelband Health will determine the severity of your ailments and plan a comprehensive treatment plan to complement your physical therapy. You can expect exercise, stretching, and movement to develop balance, physical health, and restore flexibility.

We can complement physical therapy with chiropractic adjustment, and correct the alignment of your body as well. This will reduce any further inflammation and chronic pain you may experience. We want to increase your body’s range of motion and overall physical capabilities through a comprehensive plan of therapy, chiropractic adjustment, and other treatments such as acupuncture and massage therapy.

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