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What to Expect for Your First Visit

In our office we want you to be as comfortable as possible at all times, so we’ve laid out exactly what to expect when you come in.

First, we’ll review the paperwork you filled out before your visit to make sure we understand exactly what you’re hoping to achieve.

We then take a detailed history of the reason for your visit, where we try to determine possible causes of the problem or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the issue. We will also ask about how the problem is affecting your life, because we don’t simply want to identify the problem; we want to treat the whole you.

After that, we perform a comprehensive exam where we look at the systems directly related to the problem, and other areas which affect general health. This testing will usually involve physical tests such as muscle testing and an orthopedic exam. Often, it will also involve looking in your eyes and ears, listening to your heart or lungs, or neurological testing.

When appropriate, we will recommend plain-film radiographs (X-rays) of certain areas of the body or perform lab work such as blood, urine, or saliva testing.

If you have had any lab testing (blood, saliva, urine, stool), imaging studies (X-ray, MRI, CT, etc.), or other exploratory procedures (endoscopy, EKG, angiogram, etc.) performed within the last year, please bring the results with you on your first visit. Even if it doesn’t relate directly to the problem, it will help us get a full understanding of your health status and may alter our treatment.

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