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The snow is falling and the temperature is dropping. This winter season don’t get caught out in the cold without preparing yourself. We have some tips to make you happier, healthier and warmer during this cold season.

1. Cold hands and feet? Heat your core!

Your body wants to keep its core warm at all costs. Part of how it keeps your core warm is by keeping blood out of the hands and feet where, where more heat is lost. When your body does this, the hands and feet feel colder. The solution? Rather than putting on an extra pair of gloves, put on an extra layer around your torso. Instead of putting a pair of hand warmers on your hands, put them on your lowest layer around your chest (but not directly on skin). By keeping your core warm, your body will naturally allow more blood to go out to your hands and feet, keeping them warmer. You’ll be more comfortable and you’ll be keeping the heat where you really need it.

2. Get frequent colds during the winter? Keep your nose warm!

The virus that causes the common cold, Rhinovirus, starts in the nose. Rhinovirus likes cold temperatures. The reason it starts in the nose is because in cold weather, the temperature in the nose tends to drop a few degrees lower than the rest of the body. That colder temperature is perfect for rhinovirus to reproduce. The solution? Use a scarf or other clothing item directly on your nose to keep it covered and warm. This will give your body the best chance to stop the virus where it grows and prevent it from giving you the dreaded winter sniffles!

3. Feeling down? Get moving!

In the winter many people feel sad or depressed. This is sometimes diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Less sunlight, more time inside, and less social interaction all play a role, but the result is that you feel unhappy. The solution? Keep a regular exercise routine and stay social. Exercise helps releases endorphins, dopamine and other chemicals in the brain responsible for balancing your mood. Finding time to interact with friends or loved ones, especially during the holidays will also keep you from feeling down.  This social interaction is important for maintaining a sense of worth and a positive outlook during these difficult winter months. If you use these two strategies you will be on your way to staving off the winter blues.

Did you use our tips? How did they work for you?

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The doctors and staff of Gelband Natural Health wish you a happy & healthy holiday season!

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